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The fuel material of the German brand Ruf is briquettes, which consist of sawdust and waste of high-quality timber, both hard and soft timber, while the bark and other illiquid timber assets are not included.
It is also important that Ruf fuel briquettes are completely free of adhesive chemicals. First of all, this is due to the technology of manufacturing briquettes on a special set of technical devices.

The total moisture content (W),%:≤10
Ash content (A),% on a dry state: ≤ 1,0
Net calorific value Q, kJ / kg: ≥ 17000
Higher calorific value Q, kJ / kg: ≥ 19000
Sulfur content (S),% dry: ≤ 0.05
The weight of one briquette, mg: 940 ±40

Fuel briquettes have passed the relevant certification and fully comply with the requirements of GOST and EN.

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