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Fuel pellets

Fuel pellets, or Euro firewood, appeared in the construction market relatively recently. However, due to their quality characteristics, they rapidly became highly popular. Now it is certain that this advanced fuel for fireplaces and stoves had many people to please.

Fuel Pellets type Ruf is a pressed block of sawdust and waste high-quality wood of spruce species, while the composition does not include bark and other waste products of the timber industry.

Important is also the fact that Ruf fuel pellets do not contain any glue-based chemicals. First of all it is related to the technology of pellets production on a special technological equipment.

  • Total moisture content (W), %: £ 10
  • Ash content (A), % dry matter: £ 1.0
  • Lower heat of combustion Q, kJ/kg: ³ 17000
  • Higher heat of combustion Q, kJ/kg: ³ 19000
  • Sulfur content (S), % dry matter: £ 0,05
  • Weight per pellet, mg: 940 ± 40

Product types

Product types

RUF fuel pellets
dry spruce sawdust
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